Albert Büttner from Lauf, Germany, the founder of our company, developed the SCHUKO plug in 1925.

His patent has become the industry standard and the most widely spread plug connection system in the world. 90 years later, our third-generation, family-owned company ABL ist still way out in front when it comes to developing and producing high-quality plug and socket devices for trade and industry.



At around the same time, the first automatic fuse was invented at Sursum in Nuremberg, Germany. Thanks to ongoing technological developments within our company, today we are able to provide circuit breakers for global building installation and industry.



We are also pioneers in our latest product area:

e-mobility. We enjoy being involved in a future market that is just getting going and developing products that meet new standards and satisfy our customers' requirements. We think ahead in order to provide charging stations that can do more than just 'charge power'.